Jennifer Horn In Print

Jennifer Horn has been both an author and the subject of various publications both  Nationally and Locally. The images below will serve as links to a few of the articles that she has written in major publications and the articles that other’s have written about Jennifer Horn. Click on any of the images to go to a new page where you can read the article or download a PDF of the article.

The articles and these images are in Random order, therefore NOT chronological


MHA 40th wCover_001 (Medium) MHA history_001 (Medium)  34 years MHA_001 (Medium)  Italy 1 (Medium)  Steward AFA_001 (Medium)      Soo evening news story_001 (Medium)The Upsetter Scrolls Article_opt_001 (Medium)  Whoa_001 (Medium)  The Upsetter WINE GLASS Article_001 (Medium)     Cloverland_001 (Medium)  The Upsetter ABANA Article_001 (Medium)  Bay Mills News _001_001 (Medium)  Michigan Blacksmiths 2

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