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Jennifer Horn Appreciation Story

Found on the Michigan Horseshoers Association Website

Jennifer Horn’s tenure as Secretary of the Michigan Horseshoers Association spanned many years. As attested in the ‘News’ story posted on their website, her years of service were greatly appreciated. Jennifer is not one who simply walks away. She has continued to be active by helping the next Secretary learn the ropes. She continued to participate in many of the Board meetings offering guidance and support to all the new officers. In 2015, after persuasion from the Officers and Board Members at Large, Jennifer accepted the position of vice-president and membership coordinator. . The following is the text of the Appreciation of Service story on the MHA website;

January 2014

After many, many years as the heart and soul of the MHA Jennifer Horn will be leaving the Secretary position. The membership benefitted so much from her dedication and hard work that it will be a sad thing to see her depart. The work behind the scenes is never fully appreciated by the majority and we all need to reflect on how much work she put in. Being the ‘mother’ to all the core members, keeping them guided in efforts that result in the actual things the general membership sees is a big job. Jennifer is ‘that someone’ who kept the bits and pieces in place, making sure reminders went out to keep things on track, placing orders for awards, contacting other Associations for collaboration, seeking donations from vendors, writing the newsletter, organizing meetings, and so much more. She always took her position as Secretary of the Michigan Horseshoers Association seriously and worked hard at it. Jennifer’s enthusiasm shows through in all she does. She works hard at a career she loves. Jennifer is well-known throughout the Farrier and Blacksmith community. She is also a founding Board Member of the American Association of Professional Farriers, serves as chairperson of AAPF Education Committee and co-chairs other committees. Jennifer runs a full-time Farrier service in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula and parts of Northern Lower Peninsula. She is a Member of the Michigan Artists Blacksmith Association and owns Daisy Hill Forge in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The MHA owes a great deal of gratitude to Jennifer for all she has done as a member and as the Association Secretary.

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